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The Extinct Malavasri

[simple-author-box] Prologue & A Prelude: Ragas like Saranganatta, Desakshi, Samantha and Malavasri once upon time ruled the roost but today ...
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A Critical Appreciation of the raga Jujavanti and ‘ceta srI bAlakrishnam’

[simple-author-box] Prologue: The raga Jujavanti is typically spoken about in our world of music as a Northern import. The first ...
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Caturanana Pandita I – A Courtier-General & a Pontiff

[simple-author-box] Prologue: Our country in the past has sired a great number of men whose valour, glory, contribution and many ...
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The Gold Coin or "Phanam" , the currency issued during the times of King Serfoji I ( Regnal year 1712-1728 AD) who rued after King Sahaji and before King Tulaja I , embossed with a mythical "Sharabha" being part lion and part bird on one side and the "Sri Sarabhaja" in Nagari on the other side.

Anubandha to the Caturdandi Prakashika – A Monograph

[simple-author-box] Prologue: Time and again in these blog posts we refer to a musicological work called the Anubandha to the ...
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Sarasvati Manohari – A Conundrum?

[simple-author-box] Prologue: At the very outset before we deal with the raga Sarasvati Manohari as documented in the Sangita Sampradaya ...
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