‘Guruguha’ is the signature of the carnatic music composer Shri. Muttusvami Dikshitar who lived in Tamilnadu, South India, during the period 1776-1835 AD.  This site attempts to understand and document the unique contributions and familial heritage of Shri Dikshitar and other great vaggeyakaras of that era and their adherence to sampradaya and sampradaya sangita. It is named after the unique approach of the composer with an emphasis on rejuvenating the music of the past and infusing textual tradition with fresh life. Many were his journeys – musical, religious, spiritual and physical that inspires all of us even today. For biography, refer to the Vaggeyakara caritram here.

This site contains  texts and translations, essays, articles, databases and indices relating and pertaining to South Indian Classical Music (Karnataka music) in general and the compositions and background of the musical traditions of the Dikshitar family in particular.

The blog section contains articles by various authors, primarily by Shri.Ravi Rajagopalan and Shri.Aravindh Ranganathan. These articles represent solely the opinion of the authors that they present with much evidence and research.  

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