Meanings of Dikshitar Compositions

This provides the text, translation and interpretation of the compositions of and attributed to Muttuswami Dikshitar. Where there are multiple versions and interpretations we have attempted to list all of it. Some compositions listed here appeared for the first time in later publications with the guruguha mudra and are attributed to Muttusvami Dikshitar. We have provided the meanings of all these compositions including those of doubtful authenticity. Compositions that are listed in the SangitaSampradayaPradarsini are marked with a ‘*’ sign.


Translations, Highlights and Commentary – Vidya Jayaraman

Lyrics, other language text, organizing,content and various suggestions for improvement in translation and interpretation – Shri.V.Govindan.

Prof.V.Tirunarayanan for clarifications on some of the compositions. Thanks to Sai Prasad Vishwanathan and Lakshminarayanan for their inputs.