Tana-s are forms derived from murchana-s by permuting the svara-s. Tanas in which the svara sequence was in order vas krama and the tana-s in which the svara sequence was not in order was a kuta tana. The number of kutatana-s in each mūrchana were computed by means of prastara. the method of finding the serial number from the prastara is uddishta vidhi and The method of finding the prastara from the serial number of the tana is called nashta vidhi. The khandameru or the permutation indicator is a table contructed to solve the problems of uddishta and nashṭa. These algorithms were iterative in nature and pebbles were used to indicate the and keep track of the iterations through the various steps of the algorithm and hence these were also called loṣṭa prastara. The following is the structure of the khandameru as given in the sangītaratnakara (mostly understood through its commentaries). The khandameru and the algorithm are implemented based on the descriptions found in the Sangitaratnakara of Sarngadeva, Vol I, Text and English Translation, R.K.Shringy, Prem Lata Sharma, Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers,2007.

Khandameru or Permutation Indicator


uddishta vidhi

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